How it works

At the end of your doctor.s visit, you.ll take your cell phone and quick-dial Your Doctors Advice. You.ll say to the doctor, .I want to make a quick note to myself so I.ll remember your advice.. And then you.ll speak directly into your cell phone the advice that your doctor just told you.

It will look somewhat like this: .I.m here with Dr. Smith, and he says I have . . ., and he says to . . . and,. . . and, . . . and, etc.. The doctor has a chance to correct you if saying the wrong information. Before you hang up, you can ask , .Was there anything else?. When done, hang up. It takes about 30 seconds.

That recording will immediately be stored at, and you can pick it up with your secure login up and listen to it at any computer; play it as many times as you want; let family members listen to it. You won.t forget your doctor.s advice. You can also replay it on your cell phone.

(You will need to sign up for the service at and enter your cell phone into the system before able to use the service.)

Here.s an interesting fact: All 850,000 doctors in the U.S. have been taught since medical school to ask you to repeat their advice to them before you leave at the end of your visit. This is what doing with this service!

And what found while testing this service is that when patients know that going to repeat something back at the end of the visit, their listening shifts to a form that calling .listening with intent to repeat.. Patients seem to organize the information the doctor is giving them in their heads as they go along, and usually quite able to immediately repeat what the doctor has told them. It.s a unexpected benefit in using the service!

Additional Info

When you sign up for the service, you will be asked for your cell phone number. The system will .remember. your cell phone number, so when you call in to make a recording, you won.t need to type in an account number or anything just need to speak into the phone and the recording will be routed to your account.

We recommend keeping the Your Doctors Advice recording phone number in your cell phone directory under .Doctors Advice.. It will be easier for you to remember at the time you need be sure to remember .Doctor.!